Conquer your New Year weight-loss with a plan!

January 1st brings a lot of optimism and a time for resolutions – both personal (weight-loss) or  professional resolutions – but without a plan or a road map for success – you may be doomed before you start.

Sunshine Health Foods have such a plan to help you succeed in meeting all of your body/healthy image and weight-loss resolutions this year.

“weight-loss goals must be kept simple & achievable”

Some resolutions are easy where others are extremely difficult – whether you are trying to achieve a desired weight, a promotion, more money or love in your life – a healthy and fit body is very important.

available at Sunshine Health Foods
available at Sunshine Health Foods

Weight-loss and body image can increase your energy, mood, self-esteem, attractiveness,  and overall health.

But it is important to keep your goals realistic and not to become a statistic whereas 32% off all resolutions are broken by February.

Keep your resolutions achievable and then failure never is realized “failure is never an option” when it comes to health and meeting your dietary needs.

“failure is not an option when it comes to your health”

For instance if you want to lose 24 pounds – make that an annual goal and break it down into months or even weeks. For example a  20 pound goal would be only 1/2 pound per week or 2 pounds per month – very achievable.

It is more important to realize you are a winner and maintain a positive attitude when you embark on a mission to lose weight.

“50% of the caloric intake for an American woman on a diet is through her salad dressing”

available at Sunshine Health Foods
only 20 calories per serving. Small subtle changes can bring big weight-loss.

It is amazing when you change from a heavy cream-based dressing to an organic dressing such as:  “Organic Bragg Ginger & Sesame dressing”

A serving of Bragg’s dressing is only 20-90 calories where as a national brand dressing is upwards of 200+ calories per serving.

And it is important to measure the proper serving size when applying your dressing to your healthy salad.

The results will be amazing if you make small subtle changes and pledge to work out 30 minutes, three times a week. You’ll be surprised how small tweaks can result in major changes to your body and mental health.

If you burn a 100 calories per day more than you consume  – this will lead to a 12 pound weight-loss per year – amazing. However, if you consume 100 calories more per day than you burn it will result in a 12 pound gain per year.

This gain is so easy and so subtle that the coffee creamer you are adding to your coffee in the morning can be the culprit.

Don’t blame yourself for gaining weight because temptation is all around and it is only through knowledge – there is no “quick rich scheme and likewise there is no “quick weight-loss program””

It takes time and discipline to lose weight and to keep it off. If you don’t change the way in which we eat then nothing will change. If keep doing the same things over and over again – the results will exactly the same.

“a handful of healthy almonds will satisfy any hunger”

The importance to change ones diet to a more balanced diet that includes more fruits, vegetables and lean cuts of meat. Also, never punish yourself because you want to loose weight – if you are planning dinner out with friends – go and have fun. But before you go eat a few (10) nuts – take the edge of hunger off.

sunshine health foods
Fresh garden salad – use Bragg’s dressing – 20-90 calories per serving – Sunshine Health Foods.

When you are the restaurant ask the waiter to remove the bread basket and also don’t skip the salad course.

In a 2004 study published in the Journal of the American Diet Association, Penn State researchers found that women who started a lunch with a salad consumed up to 12% fewer calories than those who skipped the first course.

Another wining salad is Tabouli Salad a Mediterranean salad.

sunshine health foods
easy to make and low in calories. A traditional salad from the Med.

Tabbouleh (tabouli)  is a simple salad of very finely chopped vegetable, lots of fresh parsley and bulger wheat, all tossed together with lime juice and olive oil – hmm-mm very good and low in calories.

Send me comment and sign up down below and I will send you my own traditional Tabouli Salad recipe – handed down by my grandmother.