Fun way to get Kids to Eat Vegetables!

Playing with your food is fun!

Trying to get your kids to eat the right foods can be a challenge today with all the choices available to all of us. However,  there is a  simple solution – food art – where the entire family can partake and have fun carving and creating – this takes playing with your food to another level.

pineapple parrot – fun to make and fun to eat

I love good nutritious food but I want it to taste good and have fun preparing it. Friday is always house cleaning day in my home- that’s a day I don’t cook – but instead we prepare a big jar of freshly squeezed juice – using the Vita-mix.  We carefully search through the refrigerator for all left-over fruits and vegetables and fill up the carafe and mix.

Food Art makes for Family time

Throughout the day – while cleaning my house I take a sip here and there and by the time I go to bed my house is spic and span, my belly is filled and like last Friday I even had a pet pineapple parrot for a few hours ( until we ate it- haha)

I love Pinterest! If u have kids or grand kids that are fussy eaters check out the nutritious but darling plates that are prepared for kids- u don’t have to force anyone to eat their fruits and veggies in the future – they will be enjoying them without delay – because it is fun.

Above are just some examples- so maybe u check it out and have some fun. I can’t wait for next Friday and a new “carving project”

Love and light Sybille