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Since 1978 we have been helping the Seminole area residents by teaching, coaching and mentoring on the benefits of good health and nutrition. It is our mission to help all who are looking to have a more energetic, relaxing, balanced and focused life through good nutrition, eating properly, using good common sense – and supplementing one’s diet with a whole food based vitamins and supplements.   A healthy, fit body  allows a person to live a  life full of success, love and vitality. Live life on your healthy terms – don’t let life live you!

Not all vitamins and supplements are created equal – some have a lot of fillers – let us guide you to a vitamin/supplement that is food based  with the GMP stamp on the label.

If your car has no air in the tires, you wouldn’t first buy a new motor and expect it to run better – you’d fill the tires up with air first. The same is true about one’s health – start by eating more fruits and vegetables, going for a walk in the evenings and then we can fine tune the body by adding some vitamins and supplements that encourage good health and vitality.