Our Health Wellness Mission

Since 1978, Sunshine Health Foods has been an iconic destination for Seminole residents who care about living a healthy, happy and energetic life.

Sunshine Health Foods is always catering to the needs of our customers health and welfare  – it is a store where everyone is considered family and every issue is important.  We carry over 60,000 different vitamins and supplements for your health. A small list of key categories include but are not limited to:

mulit-vitamin, vitamin c, herbs,
We carry over 60,000 different Vitamins/Supplemets
  • organic vitamins
  • children’s vitamins
  • multi-vitamins
  • non-GMO vitamins,
  • Vitamin C, Ester C,
  • natural vitamins,
  • Herbal oils, vitamins and supplements,
  • aroma therapy oils
  • digestive enzymes
  • probiotics
  • women’s vitamins
  • menopausal vitamins and supplements
  • night sweats, restless sleep, calming and anxiety
  • weight-loss and diet supplements
  • belly fat burners
  • liquid vitamins
  • organic toothpaste
  • organic cleaners
  • aloe and aloe juice
  • men’s supplements and vitamins
  • thyroid supplements
  • Fish Oil and Omega 3’s
  • non-Gmo food items, organic honey etc

We also teach, mentor and educate our  customers the benefits of healthy habits by taking their daily vitamins/ supplements,eating a proper diet full of fruits & vegetables, moderate exercise.

most food today is either nutrient deficient or GMO based or both

A family run health and wellness store – priding itself on the health and welfare of our customers. Our Certified Nutritional Counselors will help direct you on a path of wellness, happiness and longevity by providing personal guidance, counselling – tailoring your nutritional needs – so you can lead a more happy, healthy and loving life.

If you ignore your health  – it will go away.