Do Omega 3’s boost weight loss?

Taking Omega 3s on a daily basis can help weight loss by triggering fat burning within the body as well as heart health and brain health function, says a leading Japanese researcher.

Teruo Kawada, aleading researcher at Japan’s Kyoto University, set out to determine whether certain foods can trigger fat burning.

What his team found is that oil-triggering receptors in the gut may use Omega-3s to promote weight loss.

In 2013, Kawada released the results of his investigation with mice.

One group of mice received a diet rich in heavy fats, while the

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other groups received the same diet along with fish oils containing omega-3s. He found that the mice consuming omega-3–rich fish oil gained 15–25% less fat and 5–10% less weight than those eating only the heavy fats.

Researchers suspected that omega-3s somehow activated the sympathetic nervous systems in mice, creating more fat-burning cells.

There are more discoveries still unfolding about the role that hormones, proteins, and other environmental factors may play in obesity management. But the idea that a diet rich in omega-3s can help to encourage weight loss is intriguing.

How does this impact  you?

It is just one more great reason to be sure that you are getting enough Omega 3’s in your diet and nutritional supplement program. Omega-3’s are essential for good health. Omega-3 benefits include supporting your heart, prevent heart attacks, support healthy blood pressure, help to lower your triglycerides, reduce joint pain, promote brain health, and more.

Some of the best dietary sources of omega-3s are wild salmon, flax-seed, and walnuts. To ensure that you’re getting enough omega-3 benefits, It is recommend to take a daily fish oil supplement that gives you 1600 mg of omega-3.

Milk Thistle – Great for Gallbladder health

Gallbladder problems are extremely common in both men and women.

Approximately 750,000 Americans have their gallbladder removed each year.  In most cases, the pain of a malfunctioning gallbladder becomes so bad, that surgery is the only viable option.

Most people are under the impression that once their gallbladder is taken out, the pain and discomfort they’ve been living with will be gone.  Sadly that’s not the case.  It is common to have just as much discomfort after the gallbladder is removed.

Take good quality herbs like milk thistle.

People without a gallbladder are more prone to digestive problems and liver problems; they can even form stones within the ducts of the liver.  The risk of developing a fatty liver is also greater in people without a gallbladder. Some herbs and nutritional supplements are extremely beneficial if you don’t have a gallbladder.  Are you confused about which supplements to take, or which foods you should avoid?

The gallbladder has important function

Your gallbladder is important.  Your liver continually manufactures bile, which travels to your gallbladder, where it is stored and concentrated.  Bile helps you to digest fat; therefore your gallbladder secretes a lot of bile into your intestines after you’ve eaten a fatty meal.  Bile is also your body’s way of excreting wastes and toxins.  Bile contains cholesterol and other fats that your liver has broken down and wants to excrete.  A well functioning gallbladder helps your body excrete cholesterol, other fats and fat soluble toxins.

What happens when you don’t have a gallbladder?

Your liver continues to manufacture bile, but there is no longer a place to store it or concentrate it.  Therefore bile continually slowly trickles into intestines.  If you eat a fatty meal, you will not be able to secrete a large enough amount of bile into your intestines, therefore the fat will be poorly digested.  This means many people experience diarrhea, bloating, nausea or indigestion.

Not digesting fat well means you will not be able to digest essential fatty acids, including omega 3 and omega 6 fats.  It also means you’ll have a hard time absorbing fat soluble vitamins such as vitamins D, E, A and K.  These nutrients are vital for good health, and you will probably need to take a supplement.

How to have a healthy liver and good digestion without a gallbladder

First of all it’s important to realize that you developed a gallbladder problem in the first place because you had an unhealthy liver.  If your liver is not healthy, it will make poor quality bile.  The bile will be prone to forming sludge and stones.  Just whipping the gallbladder out doesn’t solve that problem, and in fact sludge and stones can form within the liver, compromising its function.

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Here are some vital tips to follow:

  • Keep your intake of dairy products and grains to a minimum or avoid them altogether.  Dairy products (milk, cheese, ice-cream, yogurt) worsen all cases of gallbladder disease, liver disease and they are very difficult to digest.  Food intolerance is a common cause of gallbladder problems, and there is research that links gluten intolerance with gallstones.  A good reason to keep your intake of grains low is to reduce the risk of developing a fatty liver.
gallbladder support
Optimizes fat digestion and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels already in normal range and aids in gallbladder support.
  • Take good quality herbs like milk thistle, dandelion root and artichoke leaves- all increase bile production and bile flow.  Taurine is an amino acid necessary for bile production.  This should help to make you feel more comfortable after a meal, and should reduce the risk of stones forming inside your liver.
plant based enzymes as Digest Gold
Take a good quality digestive Enzyme high in Lipase – available at Sunshine Health Foods.
  • Eat some good fats and avoid the bad fats. Many people follow a low fat diet after having their gallbladder removed.  This is not necessary and in fact it is harmful.  Your body desperately needs good fats and it is recommend that one includes moderate quantities of extra virgin olive oil, avocados, coconut milk and oil, nuts and seeds in the diet.
  • Take a good quality digestive Enzyme high in Lipase. This product will help you digest fats and fat soluble vitamins more thoroughly.
  • You may need a vitamin D3 supplement. People with compromised liver or digestive function are often vitamin D deficient.  Exposure of your skin to the sun’s UVB rays enables your body to manufacture vitamin D.  However, this process occurs in your liver and kidneys.  People with a sluggish liver often do not manufacture vitamin D adequately.  Therefore it’s a good idea to get a blood test and take a supplement.  5000 IU of vitamin D3 is a safe and effective dose for most people, but it’s best to be guided by your own doctor.
  • Include some bitter and sour foods in your diet.  They should help to improve your digestion and make it easier to tolerate good fats in your diet.  Suitable bitter and sour foods include lemons, limes, radicchio lettuce, chicory, endive and dandelion leaves.

The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

U.S becomes Zombie fat nation when food controls brain.

Our food can control our brains and our bodies if we are not aware. It is a scene right out of the best sci-fi thriller – mind and body control through food we eat.

The food can send triggers to the brain that will prompt our desire to eat – so then we become fat.

The culprits are simple carbohydrates, pastas, pizza and sugars. The American diet has made us a fat nation, and it can actually cause us to overeat and turn obese.

Simple carbohydrates & sugars will take control!

This is all to common a happening in America with our Great American Diet. We are becoming fatter and fatter because food triggering the brain to eat – when we should be satisfied.

The cause is all of the refined foods, grains, pastas and empty calories we’re consuming—which raises blood sugar levels too high, too quickly.

American Diet is forcing us to Eat and Eat and Eat even more!

The pancreas has to work double overtime – secreting more insulin and digestive enzymes in an effort to bring blood sugar back down to manageable levels.


This elevated insulin level leads to an eventual “crash,” causing blood sugar to fall far below normal—increasing your hunger, cravings, and irritability.

Pancreas is being over-worked.

At this point, most people overeat, which starts the vicious cycle over and over and over again.

There pancreas emits 3 different enzymes:

  1. Pancreatic a mylase – which helps to digest sugars (carbohydrates).
  2. Pancreatic proteases (such as trypsin and chymotrypsin) – which help to digest proteins.
  3. Pancreatic lipase – which helps to digest fat.
Sunshine Health Foods carry a wide variety of Digestive enzymes.

Sometimes it is wise to take a digestive enzyme before you eat – this can relieve the bloating and tiredness one feels after eating a meal.

Five Easy Tips to Lose Weight

  • Get your diet in balance. For weight loss, you want to get 40  to 45 percent of your calories from complex carbohydrates such as chick peas, lentils and beans, vegetables.

digestive enzymes

  • Thirty-five – 40 percent of your diet should come from healthy fats, such as avocado and coconut oil, and 20 to 25 percent should come from high-quality protein such as wild salmon and chicken. Plus, you want to limit (or better yet eliminate) foods containing white flour and sugar, such as pizza and pasta.
  • It’s all about the fiber.  The average American eats 11-17 grams of fiber a day. But for weight loss and better health, you want to strive for 50 grams (or more) of fiber a day. Some of the best sources of fiber include legumes, chickpeas, lentils, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and organic flax-seed.
  • The more greens you eat, the better. Greens—such as kale, spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and broccolini—are low in calories. Plus, they contain chlorophyll, minerals and fiber. For this easy tip to lose weight, try to eat one to two servings of greens each day.
  • Eat at least 10-15 percent of your veggies raw. This will give you the “live enzymes” your body needs to help with digestion and the assimilation of nutrients.
  • Drink plenty of water.Water flushes toxins through the kidneys, keeps your body hydrated and aids weight control in several ways by swelling fiber in your stomach, which makes you feel fuller and reducing the number of fat stores in your body.

Health Tip: Avoid diets that promise quick and effortless results. That’s because when you severely restrict your food intake, you tend to throw off your thermo-regulatory system. Your metabolism gets confused and you wind up with a rebound weight gain. In fact, studies have shown that more than 95 percent of people who follow “quick fix” diets gain even more weight after they stop dieting.

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