Healthy Holiday Treats for all

20 healthy treats the entire family will love this holiday season.

20 Happy Healthy Treats for the entire Family. During the holidays we sometimes get a little too filled-up with holiday cheer and our waist line also expands. Here are 20-healthy treats that are simply delicious to eat and easy to prepare.


  1. watermelon chunks
  2. fruit salad
  3. veggies and pesto dip
  4. almonds or raisins
  5. baked zuchinin chips
  6. organic fruit or nut bars
  7. fresh delicious fruit/veggie smoothies
  8. plantain chips
  9. fresh blueberries, strawberries and cherries
  10. kale chips
  11. dried mango slices
  12. pumpkin seeds
  13. sunflower seeds
  14. celery filled with Almond butter – delish
  15. mixed nuts – a holiday tradition
  16. sweet potato chips
  17. hard boiled organic eggs – full of protein
  18. organic beef jerky
  19. sliced English (seedless) cucumbers
  20. bananas with almond butter.


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